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8:30-10:00 The Power of Love with Colin Mathews

Urdhva Mukha Variations for the Neck and Shoulders with Susan Richardson

Detox Flow with Trish Dingman

Goddess Flow with Michelle Sobo
9:00-11:00Jivamukti Yoga: Living Liberated with Yumee Chun

Shoulders, Glands & Chakra 5 with Cynthia Cooperstone

Healthy Back, Open Heart with Mindy Willis-Menard

Intro to Ashaya Yoga with Shirlee Williams

9:00-3:00Birds of a Feather – Arm Balancing for Women with Yumee Chung

Deep Tissue Release – Permission to Let Go… with Ann Green

Falling In Love With Backbends with Tambyn-Sabo JP

10:30-12:30 Shoulder Shape Up with Yumee Chung

The Dance of Forgetting & Remembering with Mindy Willis-Menard

The Gift of Sankalpa: Awaken Your Intention + Lead with Tenderness with Ann Green

Pranayama Made Easy with Tambyn-Sabo JP
11:30-1:00Goddess Restore with Michelle Sobo

Eka Pade: Variations to Activate the Core with Susan Richardson

Chakra Flow with Trish Dingman

The Practice of Revelation with Colin Mathews
2:00-4:00 Fast Track to Flexibility with Yumee Chung

Making Sense of the Malas with Mindy Willis-Menard

Breath Centered Yoga: The ANNatomy of Leading Yoga with Ann Green

The Dance of Shiva and Shakti with Shirlee and Cynthia
2:30-3:30Closing Ceremony
4:30-6:00  Yoga in your Hands with Cynthia Cooperstone

Pranayama & the Three Diaphragms with Susan Richardson

Navigating Electro Hypersensitivity & Meditating On The Divine Code with Veronica Ciandre

The Psoas: Revealing the Concealed with Tambyn-Sabo JP
6:30-8:00Opening Ceremony
7:30-9:00Farm to Table Dinner 
8:00-9:30Live Music Jam at Jozo’s Bar