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Susan Richardson

Susan’s classes and workshops embody the dynamic precision of the Iyengar style of yoga. She encourages students to connect to their understanding of their body, and to explore a broad range of yoga postures in a creative way. Susan strives to integrate the most modern understandings of therapeutic alignment, breath and movement to help students feel more at home in their bodies.

Susan first started exploring yoga in 1988, and has been teaching since 1999. Within the Iyengar tradition, Susan has accumulated thousands of hours of teacher training and holds Intermediate Junior I certification with the Iyengar Association of Canada. A lover of anatomy, Susan studied for years with Jon Zahoreks Anatomy in Clay program, and brings a keen understanding of the body to her classes.

JP Tamblyn

J-P Tamblyn-Sabo is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, teacher of teachers, and the founder of the Ahimsa Yoga method – a style of yoga dedicated to honouring the ancient traditions, while continually refining the physical practice with modern understanding of biomechanics and physiology. J-P’s students appreciate his clear, methodical instructions as well as his supportive and empowering teaching style. His skillful infusion of asana with spiritual depth, and his ability to translate challenging philosophical, anatomical or esoteric concepts into accessible and familiar language are key components of his gifted instruction.

Michelle Sabo

Michelle’s teaching reveals her profound love and adoration for the body’s inherent wisdom and ability to express truth. With an unquenchable thirst for learning and growth, she has studied extensively in Ahimsa, Restorative, Para and Ashtanga Yoga as well as S-Factor Feminine Movement. Michelle is equipped to inspire women in living a wildly vibrant and powerful life fuelled by passion in the moment, truth in movement, and freedom in the feminine body. Michelle is a life and feminine empowerment coach in addition to being a teacher, teacher trainer and co-owner of Ahimsa Yoga Centres in the GTA with her husband JP Tamblyn-Sabo.



Colin Mathews

Colin invites an ever-evolving conversation, with one’s self and the community. His teaching is infused with passion for life, self-empowerment, healing and the power of intention. His light-hearted spirit inspires a playful and engaged practice that is deeply rooted in the Anusara tradition.

Colin draws continued inspiration from his teachers, Naime Jezzeny, Sue Elkind, Sianna Sherman and Douglas Brooks. He has also studied with Bikram Choudhry, Judith Lasater, Ken Nateshvar Scott, and John Friend.

Off the mat, he’s known to climb great rock faces, indulge in woodworking, and cherish time with his wife, Anne Marie.

Ann Green

Ann has over 25 years of movement expertise cross pollinating athletics, yoga, manual therapy and pain management. Her teaching resonates a tapestry of traditional foundations + modern, fun approaches in a playful style. She is founder + director of BLiSS Ann Green Yoga + SHiNE OM Yoga Teacher Education. She is an educator linking Neurologic Rehabilitation to create a unique yoga experience. Ann is currently expanding her teachings worldwide and writing a book. She holds a Masters in Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Education + a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Physical Education. Her experience as an Athletic Therapist is foundational in her fun and intelligent ‘ann’atomical style to learning in her teachings of vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, and of course she can always be found in her nature on the water, with SUP Yoga.

Ann’s mission in life is to manifest that deep vibration of connection and happiness discovered through the web and flow of love and nature. An active green ‘be’ing, she inspires others to act as a conduit in their own deep power all as an integral part of the magical tapestry of life interwoven and connected to be a force of that nature and surf that magical tapestry creating a truly deep and connected quilt of community, harmonious to all. She aims to inspire and to spread happiness in neighbourhoods everywhere ~ SHiNE on! She radiates living life to the fullest! Ann is a yogi, a runner, a surfer and a shineologist and has been teaching this revealing force of nature in her approach to yoga, humbly inspiring more bliss in this awe inspiring world. Her work resonates a weaving; a tapestry of love and light through traditional foundations and modern, fun approaches in a playful style, enlightening your heart, your mind and your body in every yoga journey shared. Her vast experience as an international world class athlete brings the confidence and wisdom in training and technique needed to be embraced by all athletes and students of this amazing force, life! She works with many professional and amateur athletes and teams and is in constant admiration of all students of sport, yoga and life. Ann meets you where you are at and encourages you to shine brightly. As an avid athlete, the vinyasa yoga experience with Ann will embrace ahimsa in alignment and attunement and will share her vast and wild love of nature and our connection in this force. Powerful and transformative, nurturing and intuitive, your journey will rise to intelligent ascent and anatomical wisdom through fun, fluid flows and deep powerful knowledge. You will be guided with humour, with love and with profound respect of the coexistence of all life. Get ready for fun, phenomena and wisdom of the mystical power inside. Your own leader from that deeply whole place of ‘Wahoo!’ right inside the very core of you! Shineology has been growing in fun and fabulousness since 1998; Ann has been ascending + cultivating happiness since 1970!

Trish Dingman

“Movement, theatre, poetry and music mold Trish’s world; working professionally as an actor in stage, film and television, since age 12. Drawing from her over 3000 hours of teaching, over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and her creative background as a classically trained actor, Trish is creating something new and exciting on the mat. In 1999 Trish began practicing yoga while attending the theatre-acting conservatory, at Ryerson University. She fell in LOVE with yoga in 2006, when she used it to heal herself from addiction and depression. Since then, Trish has studied yoga asana, philosophy (both tantric and classical), anatomy, therapeutics, meditation and pranayama with some of the world’s most inspiring teachers, including John Friend, Ana Forrest, Noah Maze, Tara Judelle, Michael Siddall, Seane Corn, Martin Kirk and Baron Baptiste.

Trish’s teaching style is unique, fluid and energetic! She weaves story telling, poetry, music, dance and theatre into her asana classes. She is never short on laughs and lends kind healing hands to her students. Trish’s mission is love through creativity and authenticity. Her mantra is: “Find out what makes you special and share it with the world!”

Yumee Chung

YuMee Chung (Padmani) E-RYT-500 is a former securities lawyer who left a busy practice to engage more deeply with life. More than a decade later, she is an Advance Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher who also offers classes in the Yoga Tune Up method.

Known for her uplifting, breath-driven classes and intelligent, organic sequencing, she is a popular teacher who speaks deftly to body, mind and spirit, and communicates about the most subtle and nuanced parts of the yogic journey with grace and earthy charm. Students can expect an impeccable practice that strikes a perfect balance between spirit and sweat.

Lauded in Yoga Journal as one of the teachers to watch in the Jivamukti Yoga lineage, YuMee is on the faculty of a number of yoga teacher training programs and she leads international workshops and retreats. Though her work and teaching take her around the globe, she is happiest at home with her cat and musician husband.

Cynthia Cooperstone

Cynthia has studied a variety of yoga disciplines and earned her first Hatha Teacher certification in 2002. She continued on the Anusara path, devoting herself to more in-depth study of therapeutics, philosophy, meditation and advanced asana practice and teaching. With a background in writing and communications, she brings creativity and clarity to her teaching. She combines precise alignment principles with a joyful philosophy, balances challenge with ease, and encourages students to realize their best vision of themselves on and off their mats. Cynthia is indebted to her teachers and her students for their dedication, support and willingness to laugh, learn and live fully. Her greatest inspiration comes from her two children, whose gifts of perspective, love and honesty are never-ending

Mindy Willis-Menard

Yoga is such an important part of Mindy’s life. She stumbled onto a yoga mat back in 2001 and since that day she has come to not only love yoga but also have a deep desire to share yoga with others. Mindy’s studies started at the Forest Academy of Mind-Body Medicine and then she dedicated herself to Anusara Yoga for many years. In 2012 Align & Shine Yoga was born and Mindy started teaching yoga teacher trainings, workshops, classes and retreats.

Recently, completed her studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated as a Health Coach. Mindy now works with clients mainly yoga teachers and students to help them align in all areas both on and off the mat.

As a co-owner of the Kula Hoop Co., Mindy makes and sells custom handmade hula hoops. Their passion lies in sharing all the joys of hooping with the community for improved health and wellness.

For more info: Align & Shine Yoga and Mindy Willis-Menard, Health Coach.

Shirlee Williams

Spiritual seeker, mama of twin boys, wife of 17 years and lover of all!

Shirlee began her yoga journey more than 20 years ago and the study and practice of yoga has enriched and supported everything she does.

Shirlee been fortunate to study with a number of renowned yoga and meditation teachers. Her teaching and practice have been influenced most profoundly by Esther Meyers and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

In 2007, Shirlee founded Buddha Rider Yoga and Cycle Studio in Collingwood, Ontario and, since then, have been offering classes and developing original programming that have resulted in a close-knit and growing community of yogis and cyclists. Shirlee is proud to lead a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher training program, “Living Your Yoga,” which nurtures students and aspiring teachers as they delve deeper into the rich offerings of yoga and its relevance to their personal lives and community. Rounding out her skill set, she is currently completing the Handel Practitioner program, which will allow her to combine life coaching with yoga. Shirlee believes that these two complimentary disciplines will enable her students – herself – to live life to the fullest.

She hopes to inspire others to reach their potential by rediscovering the very essence of who they are, and she aspires to doing so with honesty, playfulness and heartfelt warmth – not just in the yoga class but in everything she does!