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Halina Shearman Designs

With her flare for design and love of textiles, Halina has created colourful, original works of art for over 25 years. Through this passion for creative fashion design, she found inspiration for her current line from her large, personal collection of vintage silk scarves.

As an advocate for all things “green” and a loyal supporter of re-purposed clothing and decor, Halina found a unique and eclectic way to use her scarf collection to produce her very first up-cycled garment. Now more than half of her line is made from re-purposed materials and all of it is inspired by and made from some form of scarf.

All product is proudly made in Canada using the finest hand picked materials, and is brought to you by an artist who takes immense pride and satisfaction from being able to share her one-of-a-kind designs with others looking to express their individuality through wearable art.

Spirited Earth

Spirited Earth was founded in 2007 with a jewelry line inspired by gemstone healing properties. Featuring different lines such as Balanced Being (leather wraps), Charmed Harmony, Tranquil Lust (featuring lava for essential oil diffusion), and Spirited Bliss (mala collection).

Based in Collingwood, Ontario, Michelle creates her pieces with the most beautifully unique blend of energy and gemstones. Following the popularity of her Tranquil Lust bracelet line, Michelle has become known for statement bracelets, Mala’s, and other pieces.

Iwa Spa

Come experience Iwa Spa Blue Mountain, located right in the Blue Mountain Village. Try something new in our gan•ban suites and studio. Pamper yourself in one of our private spa suites or de-stress in our beautifully appointed massage and reflexology rooms. Practice yoga in our garden or Gan•ban studio. Our state-of-the-art custom built pedicure bench provides a stunning vista of Blue Mountain Village. Relax in one of our comfortable lounge areas while sipping on specially blended iwa tea. Come as an individual, group or couple. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our name “iwa” translates to rock in Japanese. iwa not only reflects the unique aspects of the Gan•ban Volcanic Rock Therapy, it also declares our vision to Inspire Wellness Always. At iwa we measure our success through smiles , laughter and how great you feel. This is our inspiration. Please let us be part of your wellness journey.

Buddha Rider

Buddha Rider is a yoga and cycle studio that is set in a beautiful heritage home in downtown Collingwood. Shirlee Williams created Buddha Rider as a community space that celebrates life and everything it has to offer. She has created an environment in which she hopes people feel welcome, inspired and encouraged to reach heights they never thought possible. Buddha RIder is also home to some amazing product lines.

Shirlee Williams is the director and founder of Shri Fest.

Kind Living

Kind Living Yoga Studio and Boutique is located in Orillia and online at In our online and ‘bricks and mortar’ boutique, we carry yoga clothing, hand-crafted jewellery and a variety of lifestyle products. We are the national distributors for the all-natural deodorant, PiperWai, featured on Shark Tank, as well as the beautiful GiveScent natural perfumes, co-created by world-renowned yogi, Elena Brower from New York City. We also have our own private label products, including award-winning honey, bee pollen, tea, coffee and jewellery.

Ayurveda Rituals Studio Spa

Ayurveda Rituals studio spa boutique, offers Ayurveda services, Ayurveda Education and Ayurveda products

Our team of Ayurveda Practitioners, Ayurveda Therapists, Jyotishas Vedic Astrologers, and Ayurveda Spa Specialists offer customized unique services and therapies at our Annex location downtown Toronto.

Andrea Olivera; the founder and director of Ayurveda Rituals, the first Ayurveda Spa in Toronto, creates Organic based products and botanical perfumes, and offers training in Ayurveda Spa therapies.

Become an Ayurveda Spa Specialist at Ayurveda Rituals !
Learn Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Facials, Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage and more.

We offer classes in Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda Self-Care, Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy, Certified Chakra Therapy courses and more.
Visit us at
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Blue Mountain Tea Company

Mission Statement/Value Proposition

What is my mission and core values?
To provide healing in a cup, by offering fair trade and environmentally sourced teas and herbals to my community…both locals and those passing through.

What gives my Brand heart?
Passion for helping people…whether it’s broadening the knowledge and experiences of my customers, helping them to heal, one cup at a time,giving them pleasure in a simple cup of tea, helping tea estates to get their products to market, providing a sustainable economy for them, helping local community endeavours to succeed.

What is the message I want to get across?
Tea is good for your well being, not just at a physical level but at a psychological level and drinking sustainably grown tea is good for our global village. Bringing Tea home from Blue Mountain Tea Company will carry that feeling of well being with you

Katherine Maxwell
Blue Mountain Tea Company

One Love

Fair trade and ethically sourced products gain popularity as more people look for authentic alternatives to mass produced goods. Conscious consumers don’t want their purchases to support exploitation or environmental degradation. Instead there is a demand for goods that contribute to positive change in the world.

Developing a business based on the principles of fair trade was the only way to go for me as an entrepreneur. Continue reading to learn more about the OneLove approach to ethical sourcing and about fair trade in the global handicraft sector.

Press Juice Co

Our goal at Press Juice Co is to make healthy choices less stressful. We believe that laughter is some of the best medicine, that deep breathing can lower stress and kindness can heal.

We believe that enjoying an organic juice full of vitamins adds to a healthy and joyful life full of flavour.

Does it get any better?


The creation of designer and artist Maureen Bradshaw, this energetic new company— Lovbird, is the realization of her artistic free spirit combined with a heart-felt belief that to live on this planet, we need to live more consciously.

Lovbird is both a response to a need for beauty, vibrant colour and art in our everyday lives and a catalyst for change. From the unique quality of the hand-drawn images that adorn the garments, and the gentle and thoughtful words that accompany them, to the organic cotton and fair-wage manufacture of its tees, Lovbird strives to ensure that the elements we create are “earth and people kind”.

If wearing a Lovbird tee inspires happiness in you, and encourages you to take more interest in the care of Mother Earth and your own beautiful spirit, then we have done our job. For more info on this great product.

Zen Nomad

In an aesthetic that includes simplicity, elegance and appreciation of the beautiful integrity of nature and its processes, Zen Nomad honours the elements of yoga such as peacefulness and non-harmfulness. Zen Nomad is about being connected to the flow of nature, the flow of beauty.
Zen Nomad was started in 2012 by designer Sonja den Elzen. Inspired by her deepening involvement in yoga and a desire to find yoga wear that was more natural and in the soft natural jersey fabrics she enjoyed using in her Thieves collection, she decided to apply her design aesthetics to yoga wear.

After an intense emersion in the world of fashion, Zen Nomad was founded on a sabbatical journey to find connection, peace and time to nurture those things that make life beautiful. Upon developing a dailly practice after casually studying yoga off and on for 10 years, and realizing that between studying yoga and zen shiatsu Sonja was finding the connection and peace she was looking for. Sonja also found herself designing yoga clothing to practice in. Soft, organic textures, beautiful, natural and simple colours, pieces that could be layered and allow one to move about in without looking like they lived in work out clothes all day. Zen Nomad was being birthed as a perfect compliment to merge Sonja’s creative designing language with the world of intention and yoga she was finding herself self more involved in.



Committed to being your Canadian go to destination for the best yoga, lifestyle and activewear apparel. For all of you who love yoga, dance, hiking, running, sweating and just relaxing come in and experience OOMF.
Dedicated to all things made in Canada. We strive to find versatile affordable clothing designed and created in Canada. We believe balance and positivity are the keys to life. We treat our customers like our friends…come and be… of my friends (OOMF)
OOMF: energy-vitality-enthusiasm. A quality that makes something attractive and appealing

OOMF Collingwood-10 Keith Ave. Unit 402, Collingwood, On. L9Y 0W5 705-445-5239
OOMF Blue Mountains- 170 Jozo Wedier Blvd. Unit 19, Blue Mountains, On. L9Y 0V2 705-446-2627

iSOLA Jewelry

iSOLA’s high vibration jewellery for body, mind, and soul, is handmade with love and intention by Veronica Ciandre. Using natural and semiprecious stones and crystals, sacred symbols, sacred geometry & sacred numbers, iSOLA Jewellery is meant to be worn and touched as well as to ground, cleanse, meditate, focus & heal. A huge advocate of focused meditation and the power of intention to effect individual and collective change, Veronica creates tools to facilitate and increase this practice, one person and one bead at at time.

Mindful Necessities

Mindful Necessities create contemplative jewellery of message, meaning and purpose. The most important element, and what puts a skip in my step says founder/director Gisele Theriault, is being able to provide a way that we can walk daily with words that inspire. Words that ground and teach us how to reach for the courage to be totally present, alive and heart centred. In the studio focusing on that mindset allows us to create for all price points, be it gold, silver or pewter still giving us an assurance that each road will lead to waking beauty. As the end user it helps us to be present, kind and grateful for our own lives and others.

Funky Buddha Collection

Funky Buddha Collection  is designed in Peterborough. The clothing is manufactured in a fair trade factory in Toronto. The fabrics have been carefully selected based on their environmental impact, durability and comfort. In a world where fast fashion is the norm, Suzanne Vaillancourt wanted to create a Canadian line of basics with a flair that will withstand the test of time based on quality fair trade fabrics such as organic cotton, soy, hemp and bamboo. If we believe that we are what we eat then so is true that the skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs the toxins from the clothing we wear. Suzanne has chosen the best fabrics she could find to create a line that is durable, comfortable and fashionable.